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Smart Tech 365 Light Voltage Services
Smart Tech 365 Light Voltage Solutions
Smart Tech 365 Light Voltage Services

Expert Low Voltage Electrician Services With Smart Tech 365

Local Electrical Technician Services

Connection, performance, energy efficiency and data: these are keywords to what we do. In our modern ever-changing world, our mission is to provide our customers with cutting edge technology to employ in their homes and businesses. Digital transformation and energy transition can endow your business or residence with the most efficient way to manage electrical aspects of your space. At Smart Tech 365, we make homes, businesses as well as industrial and commercial buildings and factories safer, more reliable and more efficient. We are responsible for managing all—or part—of the technical installations of buildings and occupant services while optimizing costs and quality. We make sure to look out for our client’s best interests and needs.

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Electrical Installations

At Smart Tech 365, you can expect the best service at a competitive price. We offer our clients a range of choices to best suit their needs and budget. Our complete range of electrical services are easily customizable for the owners and builders of commercial spaces. The following are just some of the many services we offer to our commercial and residential customers:

  • Interior and exterior lighting, parking lighting, emergency lighting and landscaping lighting.
  • Electrical installation for new constructions, renovations or expansion projects.
  • Indoor electrical connections (air-conditioning unit, fan, range hood, washer, dryer, stove and water heater) as well as for the outdoors.
  • Installation and customization of home entertainment systems.
  • Installation of electrical panels, disconnectors, splitters, dry transformers etc.
  • Replacement of the old electrical fuse panel with a new circuit breaker panel.
  • Renewal of existing wiring and installation of new electrical circuits
  • Electric heating by baseboard heaters, convectors and central forced air systems, controlled by thermostat.
  • Lighting controls, such as switches, dimmers, occupancy sensors, timers, photocells, contractors and lighting control panels.
  • Electrical, data and telephone outlets.
  • Intercom and telephone systems, surveillance and anti-theft systems and fire alarm systems.
  • Audio-visual cabling, computer and coaxial network.
  • Electrical inspection of the commercial space for insurance or for the purchase of a property.

Commercial Electrical Installation Professionals

To find out more about our company, call us or stop by in person at your convenience. Our large showroom has examples of previous projects for your convenience. One of our friendly team members will be happy to guide you through the entire process as well as answer all your questions. You’ll be impressed by the level of friendliness and professionalism with which you are met. With us, you will have access to the advice of a commercial renovation consultant who will guide you through your project, and to help you find the best service and electrical solution to fit your needs and budget. We do this by asking a series of simple and straight forward questions to better understand the size and scope of your project. Once your questions are answered, your personal project manager will go ahead and provide you with a free, no obligation, quote.

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